Saturday, November 04, 2006

Silly thoughts!

Hey there...
I'm suppose to continue doing my work..
But, suddenly i feel like dropping a few words here..
(after dropped a few words in my baby's blog..)

Very soon, i will be back to M'sia..
I'm very excited about it.. I cant wait to be back home..
My reason is very simple, I miss all my loves one back in M'sia..

However, i also kind of worry.. The same feeling conquer me like the previous trip back to M'sia
Well, obviously, many things have changed.. included myself..
Im not sure whether i am allow to blend in the 'group' or should say 'family'..
Im not sure whether i can still go back to the one that i used to..
Or should i say, whether myself is ready to go back..
yup.. tht is one of the issuses..

To be frank, there is one fellow who appear in her life..
i give thanks to God because it is good..
but somehow, i just cant get rid of my jealousy..
i cant bear with, when the one can do something but i cant do much thing..
i cant bear with, when the friendship is getting closer but i am stuck in mel..
i cant bear with, when i'm not suppose to be negative or jealous but i am!!
what a stupid act~
I cant believe until today.. i still cant get ride of my so called 'small gas'...
yup.. it is me! Such a jealous gal..

Whatever it is.. just some thoughts that i wanted to drop off..
I'm fine.. and i will be fine..
It's that possible that no one read this? haha..
What am i talking about.. I guess is the after effect of stress..
Well, that it.. Wrap for this time..

Yup.. this is me.. blog only whenever i feel like doing it..
alright!~ back to work!! bye bye!~!~

* after so many essay writing.. i'm sick of checking and correcting my sentences..
sorry if there are many gramma mistakes... andrew sure pengsan again! !


Dear lord,
i'm angry..
i'm angry with myself, i'm mad!!
i feel very sorry for what i have done..
i should have control myself for not letting it repeat again..
Oh lord, may i ask for your forgiveness..
Oh God, may i ask for your blood to cleanse me..
Disipline me, Oh God..
i feel so bad.. so bad.. so bad..

Thanks God for TeaRs..

How life's going on? What a shame that Im still not active in blogging..
Have been trying so hard to reborn my blog yet still failed in the end.. haha..
As for this time.. i wish i could have more determination to blog thou..

My life in Melbourne is not too bad..
Every week busy with assignments and productions..
Have not visit to many places.. How sad to admit that..
The reasons are: timeless, on budget, no transport, no friends..
Anyhow, I've planned to go for 2 days trip with housemate in the coming break..

Hmm.. Lately, my lovely jennie has ended her story with him..
I feel so sorry for her.. I feel so sad for her.. i feel so painful for her..
I feel tremendously bad because i couldnt by her side to comfort her, encourage her or support her..
I really wish i could be there for her, to cry with her, hug her, and company her through..
But, i am too far away to do so..
ALL i could do, is to pray for her, spend time with her through skype, hoping that she will stand strong and stronger..